What lies here and ahead……..

Walk the voice said
But He couldn’t. His legs were too feeble
It still desired to linger here
It didn’t seek transcendence.
That was nothing to it
Life was way too pleasurable to desire transcendence
Transcendence was a desert without any flower growing
It was a lake without water
Why should he bother himself?

The moment is now
When he can cup the sun and place it in his face
When the sun with its beauty
Can gladly warm his bed.
Why settle for the cold
You’re going to have enough cold in the grave he said
Then why bother?

Let the sun warm you with its heat
You’ll take its breast and suck on it
That luscious, full breasts that offer you pleasure
You can’t fathom
You wish to get a tingle in your Heart.
The pleasure it promises would satisfy that longing, that tingle
Your cold heart would be warmed with the pleasure of the earth.
The pleasure you’ll have as long as breath is still your companion
What lay beyond we scarcely see or know
What lays here we’ve seen and touched and experienced
When breath takes its voyage.
When it becomes a distant memory
When we get cold and lay in the belly of the earth
We would rot and fade away
Our bodies slowly becoming the ground
that will hold another corpse in centuries to come
Why bother?

Let’s have fun so we can remember
Even if our bodies fade away
We know we had fun
Such pleasurable fun that the earth itself would remember
We don’t know what lay over there for us
When we get there
That is if we get there we would know

The voice laughed hearing his rant

What lies ahead isn’t a cold but a tremendous heat
A heat that would set your passions aflame
You won’t even desire pleasure over there.
It would have burnt and faded away.
The heat that lies there would have fun with you
Such fun that it won’t want to stop
You like having fun don’t you. What lies ahead is a fun better than what you’ve experienced here.
Just over there, you’re not the subject but the object

But pleasure still lies ahead
If you resist the pleasure of now
If you starve the longing in your soul
A pleasure you’ll experience over there
A pleasure flowing in crystal waters
Flowing by the tree that bears such full and luscious fruits
You’ll flow like the waters, never ceasing
You’ll bloom and blossom like the tree
You’ll have life forever more
Yes, that lies ahead if you resist what lies here